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Unbiased Review - Is the Blue Lagoon really worth the hype?

Everybody has heard about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland at this stage and visiting it is probably on almost everyone’s bucket list. From all the pictures we see showing the dreamy milky blue water surrounded by lava rocks, who wouldn’t want to visit, right?

Entrance to the Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava landscape
Entrance to the Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava landscape

Before visiting Iceland, like always I did so much research and read so many articles about the Blue Lagoon and the same theme kept showing up, the Blue Lagoon is overpriced, a tourist trap and will probably ruin your hair.

Well yes, it is expensive but so is everywhere in Iceland and if it is a tourist trap, it is a tourist trap I am willing to get trapped in again. It was an amazing experience, the weather was so cold and the water was so warm, it really was surreal. And as for my hair, it wouldn't be the best to begin with, but plenty conditioner going into the lagoon (available in the showers) and a good conditioning treatment when I got home did the trick.

The Blue Lagoon was my first taste of Iceland, I had opted to go to the lagoon straight from the arrivals lounge in the airport, which yes sounds weird but there is luggage storage on site at the lagoon for a small fee, so it’s completely doable. A transfer collected me from the airport and 20+ mins later dropped me to the Blue Lagoon and a big plus was I had a choice of times when I wanted to get my transfer into the city, which was brilliant as I ended up spending 5 hours in the Blue Lagoon pruning! Before I knew it with a hop and a skip and the odd shiver I was walking out the door of the changing room into -2 degrees in a swimsuit fit for Barbados, mind you the pace picked up to get into 39 degrees water as fast as I could, then a sigh of relieve, just pure HEAVEN!

The fully-stocked bar in the Blue Lagoon
The fully-stocked bar in the Blue Lagoon

I recommend opting for the comfort package, it’s the basic package but more than enough. It costs approximately €51, but you can also book the Blue Lagoon with return transfers to either the airport or Reykjavik for approximately €135 like I did with Reykjavík Excursions (linked below).

What’s included in the comfort package, well you get your own towel so no need to bring one, a locker with a wrist band to, access to the Lagoon, saunas and showers (including shampoo \ conditioner), silica mud mask in the lagoon, and a drink free from the lagoon bar (yes there is a bar in the lagoon). Any extra drinks, they scan your wrist band at the bar and you pay on departure. You can also avail of different masks at an extra cost such as an algae mask and a clay mask.

The cost of drinks in the Lagoon bar were average Icelandic alcohol prices which is very expensive, a pint of beer or cider approximately cost €10 each, but the first one is free! The Blue café next to the Lagoon was also quite expensive also, it cost €22 for a coffee and a pre-pack mix of Icelandic cheeses and salami. Nice cheeses but not that nice, well maybe after being in the water for so long, I probably would have ate the hind leg off a donkey(just a figure of speech, all donkeys are safe 😜) 

The one and only regret I do have about the Blue Lagoon is not going home on a later flight and begin the journey home with a stop to the lagoon first. It is so rejuvenating and after all the walking over the 5 days, it would have been the perfect ending to an amazing trip and be chilled and relaxed for the flight home! Next time though!!

I had the most amazing experience at the Blue Lagoon and would highly recommend a visit to anyone travelling to Iceland. My skin felt so smooth, Blue lagoon skin is defo a thing. It is most definitely would the hype!

Facts about the Blue Lagoon

  • The Blue Lagoon is actually a manmade hot spring lagoon in a lava field

  • A nearby Geothermal power plant created the Blue Lagoon accidentally when drilling for hot water

  • The Blue Lagoon is a Geothermal Spa

  • On site there is 3 dining options - Blue cafe, Moss restaurant and Lava restaurant

  • There is accommodation, as well as saunas, lockers, showers on site

  • The geothermal water features three active ingredients: Silica, Algae & Minerals

  • All Blue Lagoon skin products can be bought on departure

  • Don’t let the weather stop you from going to the Blue Lagoon, remember rain = chance of rainbows! Think of the photos for Instagram

  • The Blue Lagoon is only about 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik

  • The Blue Lagoon is about 20 minutes from the Keflavík international airport

  • The Blue green algae water in the lagoon looks blue but it is actually white.

The Blue Lagoon is accessible by transfers I booked was with Reykjavik Excursions

For more information on the Blue Lagoon click here

If there is any question or advice I can help you with, feel free to contact me

thisgirlswanderlust xx


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