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Palm Trees


Who am I?

Im a crazy, fun loving, tattooed, lighthearted Irish travel blogger who loves to explore & eat my way around the world. I qualified as an Agricultural Engineer, and then got a crazy notion to do an MBA straight after 5 years in college but soon realised that I couldn't keep up my work in that sector due to my health. 

My true love though, is travel, I have become total travel addicted over the years, I try to get to a new country as often as I can. Obviously my health has slowed me down a lot, as I was diagnosed with a chronic illness - Psoriatic Arthritis in 2018 as well as having stage 4 Endometriosis since 2012 but I am hoping to show you that you can still travel even with chronic illnesses.  I hope I can inspire other in similar positions to do the same.


My mission is to see all the Wonders of the World and as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible while also eating my way to happiness. Great coffee and even better cocktails are also very important...

Here you’ll find all my travel reviews of everywhere I have been and remembered to write about.

Brenda xoxo

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