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A Visit to Oldest Market in Hue, Vietnam

Dong Ba Market in Hue, Vietnam is one of the oldest markets in Hue City. There are hundreds of stalls and they sell absolutely everything, from household goods to handmade crafts, fabric's, clothing and of course lots of fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish all at pretty good prices. Smells in places can be over powering at times especially around the fish stalls but it is a market after all.

vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables at Dong Ba Market in Hue, Vietnam

The market is located on Tran Hung Dao Street and occupies a large building along the northern bank of the beautiful Perfume River. When coming here make sure to watch out for large red signs that will say Cho Dong Ba (market name in Vietnamese).

Dong Ba Market is one of few shopping areas in Hue, so it does attract a lot of tourists. Beware you will be followed by the markets owner with the deals they have on offer at every point in this market.

vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables at Dong Ba Market in Hue, Vietnam

There is also many food stalls around the food court doing authentic Vietnamese street food (delish food while seating on small plastic tables and chairs) a true Vietnamese experience for any tourist looking to experience the local way of life.

The bus station is in Dong Ba Market so you are dropped at the door of the markets, but you can also make your way here via cyclo which we did or Dong Ba Market is a part of the full day trip of Hue with Get your guide.

The market opens really early each day, to cater for the locals looking to purchase fresh seafood, fruit, and vegetables for local restaurants etc.

Opening hours are 6am to 6pm daily.

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